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Cottage Center for Orthopedics - Knee Replacement - Rodney

New Knee Helps Rodney Turn Back the Clock

When knee pain nearly sidelined lifelong local and Santa Barbara County Courthouse Docent Rodney Baker, he knew it was time to act. Thanks to the Cottage Center for Orthopedics, Rodney is able to continue sharing his passion for the Santa Barbara Courthouse with visitors, and anticipates continuing to do so for years to come.

Cottage Center for Orthopedics Helps Gary Enjoy an Active Life Again

Gary Simpson - Cottage Center for Orthopedics

Gary Simpson's earlier years of work, climbing stairs in the sugar factory and crawling into freight trucks to make deliveries, seemed to catch up with him in his 60s. And while he enjoyed walking in Santa Maria for exercise, he finally had to stop because of the pain in his knees, especially the left one. "It just got to where I was limping, and it just hurt all the time," says Simpson.

He met with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Graham Hurvitz, who explained that the cartilage that once cushioned the bones in Simpson's knee had worn away. "He said it was bone on bone," Simpson recalls. "I had to make a decision whether I wanted to live with it or fix it, and I decided to fix it."

Now, a year after total knee replacement surgery at the Cottage Center for Orthopedics at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, Simpson is back walking at Waller Park. He is also talking with Dr. Hurvitz about replacing the right knee, too.

New Hip Helps Cyclist Get Back in the Saddle

Claude Dorais - Cottage Center for Orthopedics

When Claude Dorais' decided to get his hip replaced at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, it changed his life. He loved riding his bike everyday, but a worsening pain in his hip forced him to give up cycling. In December, Claude had his hip replaced at the Cottage Center for Orthopedics. He was home in a few days and the hip pain was gone.