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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

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Find out what you need to know about orthopedic rehabilitation at Cottage Health. Talk with our orthopedic care center and make an appointment by calling 1-805-569-8999 x82338.

Regain your strength and ability to function as you get moving again with orthopedic rehabilitation services from Cottage Center for Orthopedics. Enjoy access to a variety of advanced technology and up-to-date facilities, including the Keck Center for Outpatient Services, the Tuohy Foundation Aquatic Center and Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Helps Many Conditions

At Cottage Health, you’ll benefit from a rehabilitation program tailored for your specific situation if you’ve experienced bone- or joint-related conditions such as:

Rehabilitation Therapies

Choose from comprehensive inpatient or outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation programs—delivered by our multispecialty teams—to help you return to the life you love as quickly and safely as possible.

Physical Therapy

Cottage Health physical therapists (PTs) evaluate your physical condition and create an individual program to help you regain strength, coordination, balance and mobility. Components may include:

  • Equipment for at-home use to assist your movement and safety
  • Exercise
  • Manual manipulation and other hands-on techniques
  • Physical therapy

Occupational Therapy

As part of your recovery, your doctor may recommend occupational therapy at Cottage Health. Our occupational therapists (OTs) often collaborate with physical therapists to focus on ways you can regain your independence in functional skills required for everyday life and work, including:

  • Bathing
  • Communication
  • Dressing
  • Food preparation, swallowing and eating
  • Job- or work-related activities
  • Mobility
  • Personal hygiene and toileting
  • Social and community participation

Additional Rehabilitation Therapies

Beyond PT and OT, you can take advantage of Cottage Health rehabilitation programs such as:

What Cottage Patients Say

“Wonderful experience. I can’t thank you enough. It was amazing. All the nurses, PCTs, PT, and OT were wonderful.”
–Jane, Santa Barbara

“Awesome experience. People were great, knowledgeable, and upbeat. Everything was positive. I would have stayed longer if I didn’t have help at home.”
–Jacqueline, Carpinteria