Adapted Sports & Recreation

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For more information call 805-569-8999 x82101 or visit our Classes and Events section for programs offered through Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital.

Classes & Events

  • Adapted Kayaking
  • Adapted Wheelchair Sports
  • Adapted Golf

A variety of Adapted Sports and Recreation programs are offered throughout the year including:

  • Adapted Cycling (monthly)
  • Adapted Golf (weekly)
  • Adapted Kayaking (4 times/year)
  • Accessible Yoga (monthly)
  • Wheelchair Sports - Basketball/Rugby (monthly and more)

All programs include instruction and play. Programs are held on the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) campus.

Waves of Empowerment – Jesse Billauer

Jesse Billauer surfing a wave

Jesse Billauer was only 17 years old and already a promising pro surfer. While out surfing that day, he hit his head on a shallow sandbar, severed his spinal cord. Doctors told him he would never surf again. However, he quickly found a way to adapt to his new condition.

Watch Jesse's Story