Ekso GT - Robotic Legs Help Patients Learn to Walk Again

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital - Ekso GT Wearable Exoskeleton

New Ekso GT technology now available at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital - Emerging Role of the Robotic Skeleton

Ekso GT Robotic Skeleton

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital's Nate Cowing, DPT, discusses how robotic skeletons are revolutionizing the treatment for many patients suffering from brain and spine injuries.

Revolutionary Treatment

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital now offers advanced robotic technology that provides patients with stroke and spinal cord injury the opportunity to stand up and relearn how to walk using the Ekso GT wearable robotic exoskeleton.

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital recently acquired an Ekso and is the first facility between Los Angeles and the Bay Area with this technology. The Ekso is currently the only exoskeleton cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use with patients after stroke or spinal cord injury.

To walk in the Ekso, the patient is fully strapped into the suit while battery powered motors drive the hip and knee joints. Ekso adapts to the patients’ progress as they walk, and adjusts the amount of power to either side of their body to challenge them as they progress through rehabilitation.

Patients who are unable to walk due to stroke or spinal cord injury, but who have the potential to walk, now have the help of the Ekso.

Patient Success Story

For 62-year-old Larry Bartley of Santa Barbara, Ekso has given him great hope that he will regain the ability to walk independently. Larry fell 30 feet from a tree in his backyard, resulting in partial paralysis of his entire body. When he entered Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, he was not able to walk.

Larry walked 100 steps during his first Ekso session. And after just seven sessions, he was able to walk more than 400 steps in the Ekso. During his final rehabilitation session in July, he walked more than 300 steps using only ankle braces and a walker.

“Ekso allows patients to get on their feet and start moving much sooner than was formerly possible. This technology helps us reach patients we may not have been able to help before. We see patients benefit from this immediately as they stand up and walk.

It’s a huge moment for everyone involved,” said Noah Gaines, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Neurologic Clinical Specialist at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital.

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