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Rehabilitation Team

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Find out what you need to know about care and treatment for your rehabilitation at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. Meet our expert team, make an appointment or schedule a tour by calling (805) 569-8999, ext. 82338.

The rehabilitation team employs a transdisciplinary approach to the rehabilitation process that addresses the medical, physical, cognitive, neuropsychological, and family needs of the patient. Working together, case managers, neuropsychologists, nurses, physicians, and therapists develop individualized courses of treatment to help each patient set and reach practical, patient-focused goals.

Case Management

Your case manager serves as the primary spokesperson for the rehabilitation team, providing progress information to you and your family, as well as to referring physicians and insurers, as appropriate.

The case manager assists you and your family in understanding the adjustment process related to your diagnosis and any new social and economic changes you may be experiencing.

Case managers assist in discharge planning and arrange for appropriate follow-up services upon discharge. Your case manager will also schedule appropriate family training. Please do not hesitate to ask your case manager questions..

Clinical Nutritionists 

CRH nutrition team members strive to provide you with meals that are nutritionally balanced and appetizing. The Registered Dietitian (RD) works with your physician, Nursing, and Speech-Language Pathology to create a nutrition care plan customized to meet your specific needs. The following services include a meal plan for swallowing difficulty and Diabetes or weight management.

The RD routinely monitors your nutritional status and progress, collaborating with other team members, to adjust your care plan as needed. Nutrition education is provided for patients and caregivers as needed and/or requested.

Occupational Therapy 

Your occupational therapist evaluates and plans your individual program to help you reach your maximum level of independence in activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting, kitchen tasks, home living skills, and driving.

Occupational therapists work with you on motor coordination and strength to help with such tasks as buttoning, tying shoes, and writing. They may assist you with cognitive/perceptual retraining which includes attention, memory, problem solving, organization, and visual perception activities.

Your occupational therapist also helps you select adaptive equipment and devices you may need to make activities easier.

Physical Therapy 

A detailed evaluation of your functional abilities is performed by your physical therapist who works with you in the areas of bed and wheelchair mobility and walking, when appropriate.

Goals and a treatment program are developed on the basis of the evaluation. Your program may include mobility training, ambulation training, exercise, and use of modalities such as hot packs, ice and ultrasound.


Your admitting physician with training and experience in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation directs your care. In addition, an internal medicine physician assess your medical needs. When appropriate, consultations in other medical specialties are obtained. Your referring primary care physician, who is kept informed of your progress at CRH, continues your care after discharge.

Psychology/Neuropsychology Services

Psychologists help individuals face challenges that catastrophic illness and injury pose for patients and families. In cooperation with your other team members, psychologists may be involved in your care to help you and your family regain the sense of mastery, which is central to a successful rehabilitation outcome.

The psychologist may employ formal or informal testing to help you and other therapy team members better understand some of the changes in thinking and coping skills that may have occurred because of illness or injury. They may also assist you in thinking through various lifestyle changes as a result of disability.

Recreational Therapy 

Individualized leisure counseling and activities may be provided by a recreation therapist to incorporate and reinforce skills learned from your other therapies. You are helped to adapt or modify previous leisure activities and find new ones that you enjoy. The focus of therapeutic recreation is to help you return to the community with as independent and healthy a lifestyle as possible.

Rehabilitation Nursing 

Your rehabilitation nurses encourage you to do as much as you can for yourself from the very beginning of your stay. They provide 24-hour acute nursing care, closely monitor your medical and functional status, and teach you how to prevent or manage other problems associated with your condition.

Many CRH nurses are certified in the specialty of Rehabilitation Nursing (CRRN). They are trained to reinforce and encourage use of the skills learned in your therapy sessions and share medical information relevant to your progress with other team members.

Speech Language Pathology 

If you experience communication or swallowing problems as a result of your illness or injury, a speech- language pathologist will work with you. His or her aim is to improve speech, comprehension, thinking, memory, and reading and writing skills with special emphasis on social communication. Swallowing problems are carefully assessed and treated.

Inpatient Outcomes 2017

Cottage Health Rehabilitation Outcomes - 2016

CRH participates in eRehabData, and is proud of its benchmark outcomes. For more information on our 2017 statistics, please download the brochure at the link below.

Download the Inpatient Outcomes 2017 Brochure

Descargue el Folleto de Resultados para Pacientes Internos 2017

CRH Welcome Handbook

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Welcome Brochure

This handbook serves as a guide to your care at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH).

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