Orthognathic Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures are performed at Goleta Valley and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Orthognathic Surgery at Goleta Valley College Hospital

Oral & Maxillofacial board certified surgeons Dr. G. William Arnett and Dr. Michael J. Gunson are partners at Arnett Gunson Facial Reconstruction in Santa Barbara, California. Their surgical practice is dedicated solely to facial reconstruction, education, and research in the subspecialty known as orthognathic surgery. They operate exclusively at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital.

Orthognathic surgery corrects jaw malocclusions, improves the bite, balances facial aesthetics, easing pain, and improving airway function. Dr. Arnett and Dr. Gunson are widely respected in their field. They have developed innovative facial treatment planning methods (FAB®) and advanced surgical techniques and technology.

Plastic Surgery at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

Our dedicated “plastics” teams of highly skilled surgeons and operating room staff provide patients with comprehensive care and services such as:

Reconstructive Surgery at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Surgeons perform post-mastectomy breast reconstructions, panniculectomies, plastic and reconstructive surgeries needed by trauma patients, and other specialty oral, plastic and reconstructive surgeries at SBCH.

Patient Testimonial

Cottage Health Orthognathic Surgery - Patient Kalina Burns

Kalina Burns remembers avoiding photographs with family & friends and feeling self-conscious when speaking. Today, there is no insecurity or lack of self-confidence. "Dr. Gunson changed all that”.

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