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The birth of a child is a significant life event and one you will always remember. At Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, we welcome 2400 new babies into the world each year and are ready to help you welcome your baby into your family.

Each birth is very personal. Talk about the plan you have for your labor and your birth with your physician or nurse-midwife during your pregnancy and then tell us your wishes when you arrive. We encourage parents to attend classes offered throughout the pregnancy.

Every room has Wi-Fi and a large video monitor with a computer keyboard. You can call up a mix of media and tune into videos for relaxation and baby care. For meals, you will order from a menu, like room service. You are welcome to snacks from our pantry any time.

Birth Center

Each of the Birthing Rooms has a recliner, a rocking chair, and a sofa to compliment the birthing bed with a generous number of pillows for comfort. You will labor, birth, and recover (for the first 1-2 hours) in the Birthing Room. An all-RN, specialty-trained staff will care for you throughout your labor and birth.

The Birthing Rooms also have the state-of-the art equipment to care for your newborn as needed. The surgical suites include two operating rooms specifically for obstetrics and a post-anesthesia recovery room (PACU).

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At-Risk Pregnancy

Specialized technical and emergency support is available for any mother or newborn that may require extra care or immediate attention. For those who have known at-risk situations, our Perinatal Center provides antenatal (before birth) services.

The Perinatal Center staff is led by a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. You will be referred to the specialist by your primary physician or nurse-midwife. There are a variety of reasons you have an at-risk pregnancy including: high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of genetic disease, preterm labor, twin pregnancy (or more!), heart disease, and age.

Ultrasound (3D and 4D) is one of the technologies used. It safely uses sound waves to create images of your baby in the uterus. It may be used to look at your baby’s anatomy, to measure the growth of your baby, to measure the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby, or to measure blood flow in the umbilical cord.

If you or your baby need closer observation and care for your at-risk situation, you will be taken care of on the Antepartum Unit, a special part of the Birth Center.

Antepartum Unit

This is an 8 bed unit (4 private rooms and 2 semi-private rooms) where you might stay for observation or for hospitalization for any at-risk situation including preterm labor (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), high blood pressure, diabetic teaching and blood glucose control or even after a non-pregnancy related surgery (like an appendectomy).

You may also be cared for on this unit following the birth of your baby if you need close observation (high blood pressure, a blood loss greater than expected, or any medical condition you might have in addition to pregnancy and birth). Some of the patients we care for are here long-term (for days, weeks or months) and some simply stay overnight.

Mother Infant Care

Following your recovery time, you and your baby will be transferred to Mother-Infant Care (“post-partum”) for the rest of your stay. The unit has 19 private rooms and 5 semi-private rooms. Mother-baby couplet care is provided and “rooming in” with your baby is encouraged. This promotes bonding, skin-to-skin opportunities and assists with successful breastfeeding.

All of our nursing staff members can assist you with breastfeeding and the five Lactation Educators will help with any challenge and answer your questions. The room is designed for families; your partner or another family member is welcomed to stay overnight (when in a private room). For safety, your other children are not allowed to spend the night but are welcomed (with another adult to care for them at all times) from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Welcome Every Baby Program

Prior to leaving the hospital for home, you will have an opportunity to sign up for the Welcome Every Baby (WEB) program. If you are eligible, this program offers a home visit by a nurse to evaluate you and your baby.

To sign up, fill out the forms below and return them to your nurse.

Welcome Every Baby Consent Form

Welcome Every Baby Consent Form (Spanish)

Expectant Mother and New Parent Newsletter

Cottage Health E-Baby

HealthE Baby is a free, weekly newsletter that guides you from week 20 of pregnancy to your baby’s first birthday. Each edition is filled with trusted information specific to your stage of pregnancy or your baby’s age.

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Mother's Virtual Circle Breastfeeding Support

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This free support group welcomes breastfeeding mothers to touch base with our breastfeeding experts. Occurs every Wednesday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.

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Virtual Birth Center Tour

Birth Center Virtual Tour

Click below for a tour of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital's Birth Center and receive important information on what to expect during your stay with us.

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Breastfeeding Amidst COVID-19

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Information to help clarify any questions surrounding breastfeeding during the spread of COVID-19.

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Welcoming Your New Baby

Newborn Baby Sleeping

We are pleased that you have chosen Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for your baby’s birth! The following information will be helpful to you during your stay.

During Your Stay

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